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NC Governor's School West 2004

...it was a great summah...

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This is a community of the wonderful 2004 Governor's School westies! We're a cult of sexually frustrated genii who were thrown together for 6 weeks in the summer before our junior or senior years, in the un-air conditioned dorms of Salem College. We heralded from all across the state of North Carolina and came for arts and academics and to breed superbabies...I mean, to be smart(asses). We are musicians, singers, dancers, actors, poets, scientists, mathematicians, sociologists, philosophers, linguists, and elitist gradewhores. We represent mad intelligence, insane talent, ridiculous fun, and eternal love. ♥

"In Area I, I learned I don't know.
In Area II, I learned I can't know.
In Area III, I learned I don't care, but I still disagree."
-- unknown GSW student

"Architect Cesar Pelli has called the Wachovia Center his best building, likening it to a rosebud ready to bloom."

title or description
academic fairs, alfred hitchcock, area i, area ii, area iii, arnold, art, babcock, babcock parties, basketball, becca, being hot, being smartasses, bettridge, bowling for columbine, bruzina, capps, chinese takeout, choral music, chorus groupies, clewell, climbing trees, concerts, crocs, dance, dances, dead man walking, death by pinata, death of klinghoffer, debate, dodgeball, dorks, dorms, elitism, emo kids, english, extended curfew, fahrenheit 9/11, film series, fire drills, formal, four square, friends, gay/straight alliance, genii, govies, gradewhores, gramley, gramley-babcock messages, grobania, gsw, hhr, hippies, honor codes, hooking up, ignoring boundaries, instrumental music, katie, krispy kreme, laundry basket pizzas, like water for chocolate, love, lucy milner, mark mosely, masquerades, math, merciless compassion, microwave sprite cans, moravian bakeries, moravian sugar cake, morris, moulder, movie nights, music, natural science, no air conditioning, ollie's, open mic nights, peace, pico vs. island trees, pizza deliveries, playing in the rain, poetry readings, project darfur, questions, rasma, rectal thermometer, reunions, rodney allen, roomies, run for the borders, salem, scott, seminars, sex talks, sga, sidewalk chalk, smartness, smith, social science, south, spanish, stolen shower curtains, strong, summahtime, superbabies, svi shapiro, swing dancing, tac-y fun, tacs, tennis, the bakery, the exonerated, the fac, the fish pond, the forum, the general, the haunted infirmary, the penis building, the rat factory, the soda shop, the zine, theater, tuckey, tutus, ultimate frisbee, vegans, vertigo, water polo