msmollison (msmollison) wrote in gsw2004,

This letter to the editor of the Daily Tar Heel (UNC-CH newspaper that the editorial I posted about a few days ago was in) really upsets me.

Letter to the Editor

If GS is liberally biased (or telling the truth, depending on your perspective), that just means it's doing its job. To make people think and to present them with new ideas. Were it to teach people "North Carolina values" as the author of the letter suggests it should, there would be no point--everyone who goes to GS already knows about NC values, having lived there (here).

By implying that GS is a radical left-wing organization with intent to indoctrinate, he essentially stands with the group that wants to take funding from GS.

I would polish my thoughts on this and write a response letter to the DTH, but I can't, since I work there. Maybe somebody else will?
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