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hey guys! about the previous post regarding cut funding... i emailed the girl to ask her how we can affect the decision. here's what she said!


Governor's School funding is not in danger of being cut completely, but obviously if funding is cut at all the programs will suffer. The General Assembly goes back into session in May. Only budget bills and emergency bills can be introduced in the May "Short Session." The people who hate Governor's School probably can't much be persuaded, but moderates and liberals can be pushed to make funding a priority (or even increase funding!)

You can have the most impact by e-mailing all of the representatives from your county (be sure to tell them where you're from) and Orange County (who are defenders of educational programs.) Legislators listen most to people from their district.

You can ask them to provide additional funding to Governor's School -- which both states your opposition to cutting funding and the need to improve GS -- and to keep GS a funding priority. Also, you could email the GS liaison (Camila Roberson and ask her to keep your letter of support on file asking the Dept of Public Instruction to keep Govenor's School a priority in case there's a funding battle in May... or ever. I'm pretty sure that the NCGA appropriates money to the DPI for them to distribute to programs, so keeping the DPI excited about Gov. School is important too.

Thanks for doing this -- I went to West in 2001 for Social Sciences and thought the program is really worthwhile.

so. i'm definitely up for at least some sort of mild revolution... we should all email our reps.
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