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Hey everyone,

My name is Erin Shigkawa and I'm at GSE right now for social science. A few other social science students and myself are trying to put together a "Project Darfur". My friend attended GSW04 and told me about "Project Darfur" and we understand the huge impact it had. Andy is teaching at East now.

Mojo, another teacher here at east, suggested that we learn from you guys and any experiences you've had. Right now, we're not exactly sure what to do. We know we have a lot to do, but we don't have much time so any quick advice is greatly appreciated. We're planning to begin small: passing out flyers with basic information, holding seminars and electives, and eventually, a vigil and a possible speaker. We haven't yet decided our large project or where our focus will be either to raise awareness, money or write letters.

Please please please please give us any advice you can think of!!  Feel free to post comments or e-mail (to anyone listed below)

Thank you so much in advance!


Sarah Barr:

Janel Monroe:

Erin Shigekawa





Mike McCelreath


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