alumni day?


just ah wonderin if anyone happens to know when alumni day is. Of course I have no idea and of course i want to be up there to see people, party, etc, etc


if someone could offer up that wonderful information I would be much abliged

hope to see you all


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This letter to the editor of the Daily Tar Heel (UNC-CH newspaper that the editorial I posted about a few days ago was in) really upsets me.

Letter to the Editor

If GS is liberally biased (or telling the truth, depending on your perspective), that just means it's doing its job. To make people think and to present them with new ideas. Were it to teach people "North Carolina values" as the author of the letter suggests it should, there would be no point--everyone who goes to GS already knows about NC values, having lived there (here).

By implying that GS is a radical left-wing organization with intent to indoctrinate, he essentially stands with the group that wants to take funding from GS.

I would polish my thoughts on this and write a response letter to the DTH, but I can't, since I work there. Maybe somebody else will?
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hey guys! about the previous post regarding cut funding... i emailed the girl to ask her how we can affect the decision. here's what she said!


Governor's School funding is not in danger of being cut completely, but obviously if funding is cut at all the programs will suffer. The General Assembly goes back into session in May. Only budget bills and emergency bills can be introduced in the May "Short Session." The people who hate Governor's School probably can't much be persuaded, but moderates and liberals can be pushed to make funding a priority (or even increase funding!)

You can have the most impact by e-mailing all of the representatives from your county (be sure to tell them where you're from) and Orange County (who are defenders of educational programs.) Legislators listen most to people from their district.

You can ask them to provide additional funding to Governor's School -- which both states your opposition to cutting funding and the need to improve GS -- and to keep GS a funding priority. Also, you could email the GS liaison (Camila Roberson and ask her to keep your letter of support on file asking the Dept of Public Instruction to keep Govenor's School a priority in case there's a funding battle in May... or ever. I'm pretty sure that the NCGA appropriates money to the DPI for them to distribute to programs, so keeping the DPI excited about Gov. School is important too.

Thanks for doing this -- I went to West in 2001 for Social Sciences and thought the program is really worthwhile.

so. i'm definitely up for at least some sort of mild revolution... we should all email our reps.

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Here's something interesting some of you may enjoy, if you still bother to read this.

Daily Tar Heel column on Governor's School

If GS actually does come under enough fire that the GA considers taking its funding, we should get alumni together and do some lobbying (althogh the Alumni Association might handle that). Post here if you have any info, now or in the future.

If the GA does take away the funding, well, I'm up for a violent revolution. Not that I'm not already.
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I just thought I'd let the community know that almost everything in the interest list could easily have been applied to when I was at Salem College. I think the fact that so many students can take the same wonderful things away from Governor's School each summer is amazing. If only college had been as cool.

- GSW '98

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Hey people, it's Lauren Evoniuk from Instrumental Music. I've been lurking around here for a while but have yet to formally introduce myself.

Anyway, it's about time for the people who were rising juniors during GS to begin finalizing their college plans...who wants to share? :)

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Hey Everyone!

This is Ryan Brock, chorus(if you can't put a face with a name, i'm the guy who sang the spanish josh groban song at the chorus groupies unleashed event). I was hunting around people's livejournals and found a link to this "community," which i completely forgot ever existed! Imagine my suprise and delight at this new discovery! I miss you all SOOOOO much. I'm starting my senior year at Weaver Academy (for the Performing and Visual Arts) in Greensboro. My top choices of colleges are College Conservatory of Music(at Univ. of Cincinatti), Carnegie Mellon, and NYU.....also looking into UMich., Indiana, Peabody, Eastman, Boston Conservatory, Manhattan Sch. of Music, Yale, New England, UNCG, ASU, UNC, Duke, Furmon, and FSU.........yea it's a lot, but i like to keep my options open...just thought i'd list them in case i might end up in school with any of you wonderfully elitist friends of mine! i regret so much that i didn't get the chance to see you all again back in july at the reunion. i was not in town and didn't know when the reunion was until about a week before i left. i want to apalogize to all of you for not keeping in touch as much as i would have liked to. you all are the best friends i think i've EVER had and you just don't know how much i miss you all. i'm applying to all these schools (for music performance if you hadn't guessed..and a few of them for musical theatre) i'm having trouble picking audition material that's not overdone, but also not.. underdone. some of you know what i'm capable of...or was a year ago...anyway i would just appreciate some suggestions, thanks!

ugh, ok i HAVE to go finish my summer reading before i shoot myself so i will hopefully talk to all of you soon!

my AIM is RyBro88
my email is
my cell is 336-209-5133

i can't wait to hear from you!

Vibes of LOVE!
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Our dearest math govie Issac Shelton, as many of you probably already know, was killed in a head-on car accident on Wedensday night. Keep Issac's family in your prayers.

Choral Music

RIP Issac Shelton 3.5.1987-8.3.2005.
We miss you buddy!!!